How can parents/ teachers help children cope with the difficulties of being a child with ADHD?

Children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) generally have difficulty focusing or concentrating on a task. These children are also known for being impulsive, highly distractible, indecisive, forgetful and disorganized (Carter, 2011). Recent books (e.g., Ingersoll & Goldstein, 1993) concentrate on the subject for teachers and parents and have stressed the necessity of being on guard against ‘unproven treatments’ for ADD/ADHD.

Parents and teachers: can help children cope with the difficulties that come with ADHD by providing a stimulating learning environment, both in school and at home. Many children with ADHD are under stimulated and require higher doses of stimulation than the ‘average’ person (Armstrong, 1999). The use of colour, sound and other stimulus enhancers are especially effective in helping kids with ADHD focus better on their learning (Zentall, 1993a and b; Zentall & Kruczek, 1988; Zentall & Zentall, 1976).

Teachers:  Using smiley stickers as rewards, giving praise, breaking up tasks into smaller bits, seating the child near the teacher’s desk and using organizational tools like dividers for notebooks and post-its for reminders will make learning a better experience for the child with ADHD (Braswell, Bloomquist, & Pederson, 1991; Parker, 1992).

Parents: One of the most effective approaches for treating ADD/ADHD involves the administration of psychostimulants, such as Ritalin (Armstrong, 1999). Encouraging the child to take Ritalin will allow them to focus at school and at home, making studying and everyday life much easier. Ritalin is a stimulant and is effective in calming behavior and focusing attention (Zentall, 1975; Zentall & Zentall, 1983).



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