Summary Post

Completed Project

Completed Project

This is my summary post on my thoughts on WordPress. I found this assignment very beneficial for future employers, as I believe the majority of graduates applying for a job would lack the kind of skills that I have gained through completing this project, I have successfully designed my own website. Considering I had never used WordPress before, I feel I managed it quite well.

Advantages of WordPress: Originality for employers. Gave me the opportunity to reflect on myself and all the different projects that I have completed over the past three years in in-depth detail. It was easy to undo mistakes and touch up on posts or comments as many times as necessary.
Disadvantages of WordPress: I found WordPress difficult to use from a novice perspective. For the first few days I was clueless how to use the site. However, with a bit of practice the site became enjoyable to update.
Limitations of WordPress: Inability to upload videos, I found it impossible to figure out how to upload files from axure, therefore I had to leave them out. You can only do so much editing on the appearance of this site for free. Additional, more complex editing is at a yearly price.

Labs attended; 16/10/13, 23/10/13, 13/11/13


Contributor Post

Alex’s wordpress is very lively and colorful! She has a great artistic talent and from what I can see about kickboxing, she could probably kick my ass. I’d hire her as a body guard.

Her project work is extensive and impressive. all together this is an impressive WordPress site!

Contributor post

I am loving Alex’s page. Having known her since we were kids I definitely think it is a fantastic representation of her and that she really has put a lot of work and effort into showing off her skills and talents through this page.

I do however think there should be a page dedicated specifically to chocolate as it has a very deep and meaningful place in Alex’s life. Love your drawings, you are very talented, it makes me feel like a proud momma when I see them.

You go gurl! Love always xoxo.

Opinion from contributor

I feel Alex’s blog really represents her personailty well and is a great advertisement for her abilitys as both a psychologist and a designer I particularly liked her poster that showed the side effects of meth use you can see that poster here . I also found her interest in kickboxing very intriguing and it was something I was unaware of up to now. I hope any potential employers will see Alex for the hardworking student and trustworthy friend 🙂

Which one of my projects do you find most interesting?

Home Page

I have done a good bit of editing over the past two days, mainly concentrating on my home page. I have changed the plain background to a picture of neurons which I find effective as it links in with psychology. I have uploaded a picture for my home page and I have also edited the information on my home page, explaining what applied psychology is and why I have chosen the path that I am currently in.


I have also added on more sub-pages onto my projects list and have begun to upload some of the projects I have completed over the past year using My header however still needs to be updated.